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The hunger for long is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.
--Mother Teresa

Tree Plantation Project "HARITHA"

"We are not the inheritors of this Earth, we have borrowed it from our children"
It is our duty to keep it safe for our future generations and conserving our Nature is our moral responsibility. Nalmanam proposes to extend its social commitment in whatever small way possible to the society by planting saplings. We also plan to create awareness about the significance, importance and the necessity to maintain the needed eco balance. This will involve the public to maintain the saplings in order to give them a satisfaction of having contributing to the society We shall initiate this project from our Nalmanam Premises, (Villivakkam).

We consider the following few points for the smooth execution of our Project,

We will request the volunteers of NCC, NSS, Scouts & Guides of the schools and colleges located in those areas for their participation in an active manner.
They shall make a preliminary Survey of the selected area, to know the requirements of saplings and places to be planted. After the required Data is collected we shall form small groups for digging and Planting after taking prior permission from the proper authorities.
With the necessary literature about the importance of Trees, these volunteers will make a door-to-door appeal for the conservation of our environment canvas.
We shall also request the nearest resident who stays within the vicinity of the planted sapling, to take care and water the sapling.

Impact of the Project (HARITHA)

We create a Green, shady, Beautiful environment in the given areas.
Involvement of the younger generation and making them know the significance and importance of this activity and its impact on our environment.
To provide these children with a safe living environment. It is an opportunity for students to exhibit their social responsibility.
We shall be creating a general awareness about the importance and necessity of this programme to the general public.
We will be able to trigger and create social commitment and involvement of the residents and public in this activity.
This being mooted by Nalmanam, shall be responsible in executing the same.

Let us all strive for a “BETTER TOMORROW” and make our future generation live in peace and harmony.

Together we shall strive to make a greener city in the days to follow.Requirements & Sponsors.

  • Saplings.
  • Tree Guards for the Saplings.
  • Tools for Digging.
    Literature/ Brochures about the Project.
    Refreshments for the students.
    Certificates to the students for their participation in this project.
    Mementos to the concerned school or college.
    This project was launched at 6.45pm on 27th August 2005 at Kamaraj Arangam, Chennai.


    Buds into Blossoms.
    A Full time residential facility for homeless children of the society.
    Right now we have 13 children and the strength may increase in due course.
    Nalmanam-Balajyothi provides food, accommodation, education and all basic amenities to these children and the motto of the organization is to make these children into responsible citizens of India.


    To provide homeless children with basic needs such as food, shelter clothing
    To provide support for education of these children and mainstream them into formal systems of education.
    To provide these children with a safe living environment Lack of protection &Adult Supervision
    provide them with life-skill training and provide opportunities to make them self-sufficient individuals

Reasons for homelessness

    Dysfunctional Families
    Physical, Verbal and Sexual abuse
    Lack of protection &Adult Supervision
    Child labour – hotels, teashops, households
    Antisocial activities – pick pocketing, substance abuse, begging, bootlegging
    Crimes– stealing
    Poor health & malnutrition
    Early death
    Sexual abuse
    Early sexual activity
    Contraction of HIV /AIDS

Target group(5-10 year old boys)

    Street children
    Runaway children
    Children from dysfunctional families
    Destitute children