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The hunger for long is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.
--Mother Teresa

Nalmanam Services

                       It caters to 20 children who are from different background especially parentless, single parent or parent/s who are terminally ill.  All our home boys inmates are school going children with different age groups and Nalmanam provides them Food , Education and Shelter

  • To provide a standard education for the children
  • To give hand holding support for their emotional and psychological needs.
  • To provide employable skill to the students of their interest and get suitable placement.

    Balajothi Destitite Children 2003 30+
    Tailoring Classes For Women 1999 1700+
    Type writing Classes For Economically weak students 2000 750+
    Medical Clinic For poor People in aroun Villivakkam 2001 around 10 patients every day
    Computer Classes For economically weak students 2001 100+
    Library General Public 2004 1000+
    Finincial help for education Deserving students who are academically strong since 1300+
    Supporting other NGO's with provisions cosmetics etc. Deserving NGOS Since inception 100+